Replace Your End-of-life IVR and Save Money in the Process

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Feeling Trapped by Your Legacy IVR?

Organizations have invested millions of dollars into legacy IVR application development. Many fear that moving to a new platform will mean making that investment all over again.

Not So Anymore.

VXML is the most frequently adopted development standard in the telephony industry today. When using an automated migration tool like Arca+ to convert from legacy IVR platforms, you have the opportunity to:Use an IVS preferred program to save an average of 46% on the cost of ownership of your new IVR platform

  • Reduce project duration by an average of 54%
  • Minimize business disruption while deploying industry-leading IVR technology

See For Yourself!

Download our migration analysis datasheet to find out what IVS clients already know about how much time and money they will save migrating their legacy IVR systems. Or contact Integrated Voice Solutions to schedule your own free, no-obligation migration cost analysis!


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Arca+ from Arca Software splits the design and development of an application from the platform that it runs on so that as new technology arises, the application investment is protected. Commoditization of technology has left many companies stuck with high annual-support fees associated with legacy systems or being forced to redevelop their applications on open standard-based systems. All of these options are costly and do not leverage the initial investment in creating the applications. Arca+ lowers the cost barrier and allows companies a new way forward. Arca Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Flame Industries LLC.

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